The Problem

Poor app performance is a network visibility problem

The Vision

Imagine an internet without lag

The Solution

network x-ray makes Service Providers application aware through app-centric analytics

network x-ray for Service Providers

A revolutionary Service Provider network visibility solution that establishes a direct connection between the network and application outcomes, helping Service Providers become more cost-effective, reliable and competitive.



network x-ray for

Customer Care

Deliver first-time-right support with data-driven recommendations that precisely define the problem and offer actionable steps for resolution.

So you can focus on delivering seamless user experiences without the hassle of prolonged problem-solving.


network x-ray for

Commercial Teams

Understand how users interact with your network services, and how these behaviours evolve over time through real-time user behaviour insights.

So you can increase revenue, deliver better products and services, and enhance customer retention.


network x-ray for

Technology Teams

Secure a solid understanding of how your products match with specific app requirements through full network visibility.

So you can make informed decisions, fine-tune services, enhance product quality, and provide instant, low-latency broadband experiences to every household.


network x-ray for

Network Teams

Get strategic investment guidance through real-time, end-to-end, app-centric network insights.

So you can make informed decisions, allocate network resources where needed most, align the network with dynamic demands, and ensure an optimised, resilient infrastructure.

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network x-ray for Service Providers

Know when users experience network problems.
Be informed about the root causes.
Understand how to act to fix the root causes.

Across all access networks – cable, fiber, DSL, mobile.

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