People consume applications, not networks

This distinction is important because of three key factors.

Diverse application landscape

With the ever-increasing diversity of applications and their unique requirements, it is no longer practical to analyse network quality separately from the context of applications.

Identical network performances may work perfectly for one application while making another unusable.

Prioritising user experience over network complexity

Users care about the application experience, not the complicated details of the underlying network.

Achieving a seamless application outcome depends on various factors, many of which fall within the network’s scope, but also extend to factors like the application itself, devices in use, and server performance.

Ever rising user expectations

The demand for faster applications continues to grow, with no end in sight. Users are seeking greater snappiness in their apps, and this is not limited to niches like gaming, video conferencing or virtual reality - it impacts all aspects of our digital lives.

Every time users see spinning “loading” wheels on their screens, it is an implicit acknowledgement by the application that the network is too slow. Users expect better, and it won’t stop.

The answer? App-centric network visibility

Domos network x-ray provides ISPs with an end-to-end view of users’ network quality, within the context of the applications. Its advanced capabilities, Quality of Outcome (QoO) analysis, root cause analysis, and application insight, uncover every root cause while always considering the application’s perspective.

Domos is the leading contributor to the Quality of Outcome (QoO) framework and a leader in network quality, latency management, and application outcomes.

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